“I love being active and working out but doing cardio in the gym is probably one of my least favorite things to do. Sometimes even just getting yourself from your home to the gym can be a pain, and the time spent in transport also increases the amount of time you spend sitting during the day. You’re going to the gym to get some exercise, so it makes a lot of sense to ride your bike or walk there. You’ll also be done with your cardio before you even arrive at the gym. It saves time and the boredom of stationary bikes.


I’ve been using the PULSE Duffle Bag for a few months and it has made riding a lot easier. It snaps on and off quickly and I feel freer since I don’t have to carry anything on me. I mainly bought the bag to make my commute to the gym easier, but now I use it whenever I go somewhere with my bike.”

Beatrice, Student

AtranVelo AVS Duffle Bag
AtranVelo - Award-Winning Bicycle Components


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