DUO Cover

Do you want to bring your dog with you on your bike ride? DUO COVER is a beautiful and sturdy aluminum cover and soft infill for our DUO basket. Both the cover and infill are detachable.

Height when attached to DUO: 40 cm

Art no. 1757-71L



Additional information




1.95 kg


W44 x H36 x D26 cm



Carrying Capacity:

8 kg (18 lb)

To attach any bag or basket, simply slide the hook into the small bridge on the carrier.

AtranVelo Award-Winning AVS System

Push it down til you hear a click.

AtranVelo Award-Winning AVS System

To remove, simply pull the latch upwards and lift it off.

AtranVelo Award-Winning AVS System

Functional, Secure, Elegant, and Simple.

AtranVelo Award-Winning AVS System

The AtranVeloSystem is a patented, minimalistic system for the secure attachment of accessories to your bike. It includes a wide range of high-quality bags, baskets, and boxes for different occasions. All accessories are modular and compatible with both front and rear carriers, so you can fit them in whatever way suits you and your bike best.